What are QR tags and how you can abuse them in Signage?

QR Tags on Signage

QR tags are something that you may have seen in print ads. But using QR codes in signage content may be something you haven’t thought of. By doing this, you can create interactive signage without being physically interactive with your audience. Interactivity in this case simply means inviting your viewers to participate there and then.

You can embed QR codes in your message to encourage action from viewers by sending them to a website, have them vote in a poll, or offer a downloadable coupon. Signage QR codes are also a great way to track ROI (Return on Investment) for your messages. By seeing how many people visit the target URL, you know how many potential customers have responded to the message.

A QR, or known as Quick Response, code is a two-dimensional bar code that smartphones can read with their cameras through an application. The codes can be put on any visual medium that can be photographed either being printed material, emails, web pages, shirts and, of course any signage content.

In order to create your own QR code you need just to visit an online QR generator and follow the step. You can simply tell the generator the destination URL you want the QR code to go to, and it will generate a square image file with the embedded data. Usually a PNG image file. Then you just insert the image file into your messages and media designs.

Using QR codes you can provide different discounts or coupons to the audience. It’s a perfect way to attract customers by using the “surprise” approach. By the element of surprise, we mean the customers not knowing what is behind the QR code or simply offer a giveaway in order to gain more traffic.

The most popular destination for QR codes is a webpage you’ve created. However, you can direct your viewers to Google Map locations, social networks, email addresses, or downloadable coupons and images.

From our experience as one of the oldest Cyprus sign makers, we cannot guarantee that QR codes will always work. This depends on what is your audience age gap. For example, elder people do not use or don’t even know this kind of technology exist.

At Atelie Demetriades, we will give you feedback on how you can create an elegant and simple signage without too much cluster and “noise”, and also embed the QR code bar without destroying the visual of the sign.