Totem Signs

Totem Signs are powerful products that can get their message across different angles and long distances. These products are tall free standing signs that can be designed in multiple forms, made from a variety of substrates, and can be single sided, double sided or even complex multi sided structures. Many companies choose Totem signs to deliver important brand and business information to their clients for maximum visual impact. In many cases where shops do not have high visibility, these products can be an essential element for passengers identifying the shop’s location. They can also be erected very high from the ground so that viewers can see their message from very long distances which is commonly used in motorways or big avenue streets.

Totem signs can be unique in style and design based on each customer’s needs. Thus, the manufacturing process can employ many fabrication methods and techniques in one product and no standard practices can be considered. The needs for such specialty product should be reviewed and planed with one of our sign consultants to make sure that the final product serves the right purpose effectively, is designed with appealing appearance and developed on efficient-based manufacturing processes.



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