Sign Fabrication

The art of sign-making

Quality signage differs in durability and details

Atelie Demetriades has years of experience in the sign industry. Experienced craftsmen and state of the art equipment ensure excellent product quality. Signs can literally get an endless form of shapes and styles and serve different purposes. Shop capabilities include: computerized letter fabrication, welding, neon bending, computer routed lettering, digital printing, engraving and more. We will provide your signs with long-lasting value, functional excellence and decorative appeal.

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Main clusters of sign types

There are hundreds of signage products and names and it can get quite confusing and overwhelming for those with little or no experience on the subject. Basically, a sign can take any shape, any style and serve any purpose you can imagine; because the vast amount of raw materials and fabrication techniques give endless possibilities for creativity. However, we all tend to segment the different types of signs based on their most common distinct attributes, for example we can make clusters out of illuminated vs non-illuminated signs. Discover our main cluster categories below.

Non-illuminated Signs Illuminated Signs Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Paneling
3D Letters 3D Illuminated Letters Flat Stock Printing Building Wall Cladding
Flat Substrate Signs Acrylic Backlit Sign Cabinets Cast Vinyl Shop Facade Paneling
Engraved Signs Backlit Banner Sign Cabinets Polymeric Vinyl Interior Wall Cladding
Totem Signs Alucobond Backlit Sign Cabinets Monomeric Vinyl
Monument Signs Light Boxes Banners
Traffic Signs Illuminated Pylons Fabric
Neon Signs Wallpaper Décor
Floor Graphics
Window Décor
Reflective Vinyl