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Sign Design

Well comprehensive sign design always lead to great projects

Beautiful, elegant, eye-catching. Perhaps those are the characteristics you are looking for your sign and many more. A sign design should reflect the authenticity and unique characteristics of your identity. That’s why we always start by listening to you first.

Sign Fabrication

Quality signs differ on durability, texture and details

Atelie Demetriades has years of experience in the sign industry. Experienced craftsmen and state of the art equipment ensure excellent product quality. Signs can literally get an endless form of shapes and styles and serve different purposes, discover more about the main clusters of sign types.

Digital Printing

Convenient and a wide range of solutions for the graphics world

This is an ever expanding print technology used to produce graphics and signs for a multitude of different uses. New media, methods and applications are developing all the time. In this hectic marketplace, how do you make the right choice? You call us!

Signage Consultancy

Creating signs, the right way

Get our opinion and expertise advice along the whole process, from the initial engagement until the completion of the project.

Direct Printing

Transforming ordinary hard surfaces into pieces of art

Print directly on a wide array of hard surfaces, including wood, glass, metal, PVC, foamboard, tiles, and much more.

CNC Services

Projects done precisely

If you are a passionate product developer and looking to get high quality and precision cutting or engraving done, then you should consider using Atelie Demetriades CNC Services.


Always by your side

Our aim is to give our best effort helping you create, maintain and refresh your company image.