Put your customers on first priority

What’s the most important thing of your company? Your product or service right? CEO’s and business owners have a strong belief in their product or service they market. They believe their own, is the best in the market and customers would be certainly willing to buy!

Do we need to consider our business lucky, if customers decide to buy from us?

Our company has been designing, producing and installing thousands of projects over the last half century and we managed to gain endless knowledge and experience assisted by technologically advanced equipment that brought us into a level where we consider ourselves experts on what we do.

With this all product information in hand, comes an extra valuable knowledge on the profiling of our customers. We could build a sales strategy from that. Many sales strategies start from customer profiles or potential profiles and the demand for goods and services. Whilst this is a logical and regulated way to approach sales strategies, we are forgetting two important factors;

We sell design and installation of signs therefore our customer ‘Skevi’s Makeup Studio’  could be woman on the decision making position so a man would have no saying for our services. WRONG. She may have a husband, brother, colleague that acts as an influencer on the final decision making. We must make a call on our potential customers needs as we meet them. We can’t go prepared with set ideas of who will buy and who won’t. We must also be mindful that customers know their own needs and don’t need us telling them what they need.

The second most important factor is that, how many times are Sales Teams taught sales strategies, instead than being taught about the product they are selling? Too many. The product could be an answer to many customers’ needs. The answer must be factual and educated, not a chance to knock the competition. It must also be truthful, and if we don’t have the answer we must go back to the customer with it. If we realize that our customers are the key to our product and not the other way around, success and goals achievement should be a reality.

It’s become clear to us that our customers are the important factor here. We could have the greatest product or service delivered but if one alienates half of his/her potential customers because they  think they won’t have a use for it, this means that we are taking from the products’ greatness.