Price versus Quality

Cheap is Expensive.

Why do signs cost so much? At Atelie we are asked this question many times. You get an answer in this question once you see the process of what goes into making a sign. For a sign to look good from the day it’s installed and still look the same many years later, it needs to be made out of the right materials. Acrylics, aluminum, auto quality paints, long-life bright LED, outdoor rated power supplies, fade resistant vinyl or printed graphics and proper assembly are critical into making a great sign.

As Cyprus sign makers we did a research and found out that, having a high-quality sign to represent your business is more important than you might expect. In fact, the majority of consumers suggest that the quality of a sign reflects the quality of the business itself.

The cost of making and installing signs depends on several factors. Number one is that, indoor signage in general costs less than outdoor signage. This is because indoor signage does not need to resist wind and other elements that could cause destruction. Similarly, lighted signage such as neon signs, LED 3D lettered signs or billboards typically cost more than designs that don’t use electricity. Furthermore, temporary signs for events such as promotions or sales are less costly than longer-lasting designs such as those with business names or those meant for driving traffic.

Should I choose price over quality or quality over price? The answer depends on the individual but, our point of view is that after many years in the Cyprus sign making market is that generally, quality is what consumers want to buy. Everyone wants to buy products that last longer and are more durable. People don’t buy features but the benefits that go into a product or a service. As professional sign makers, our experience says as we communicated the benefits of choosing quality over price, customers were instantly picking quality.

Sometimes, pricing might be determined on how customers perceive the competition. Having a high price with mediocre quality, can really harm the market and ruin the reputation of a company. Having low price with good quality is always good but as we said it depends on the type of signage someone will chose, either it’s indoor or outdoor signage. High price with high quality is what consumer always scared of. This is because, they think that companies want to take advantage of them and are greedy for money. But the truth is that, high quality means the company ensures that the best materials and the process of making the sign is maintained in excellence and it is delivered in the best condition.

All in all, price and quality depend on the type of signage the customers will choose and the kind of materials are picked into making the sign. Customers should always ask about the price and quality and, sellers and companies should always be honest with their answers. We noticed that honesty can lead to long-term relationships with the customers and that quality most of the times wins over price.