Monument Signs

Monument signs are free standing signs very similar to Totem signs but usually they are no taller than 170 centimeters. The main purpose of these products is to get their message to pedestrians, hence their message is located at eye level. Monument Signs are ideal for crowded locations with pedestrians such as shopping malls, parks, business centers, town squares, hotels, museums, etc. Most commonly these products will carry important information about their environment and wayfinding directions. However, companies seek these products for other purposes too like brand identity, because of their ability to incorporate beautifully with their landscaping.

Monument Signs can be uniquely designed based on the information they are carrying and their landscape environment. Therefore, these products can be made from a variety of substrates, customized in specific size and shape, be single sided, double sided or even curved. The needs for such specialty product should be reviewed and planed with one of our sign consultants to make sure that the final product serves the right purpose effectively, is designed with appealing appearance and developed on efficient-based manufacturing processes.




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