Light Boxes

Light boxes are generally thinner and smaller in size than other sign cabinets and are mainly used for indoor purposes where space is limited. They are usually used in stores as menu boards and for product advertising to promote sales. They can also be used in malls as way finders or information point. These slim series sign cabinets will fit in any environment and will attract your audience attention.

Light boxes can vary in thickness and materials. Due to their relatively small size they are light weight products because they don’t require heavy duty steel frame supports. They are separated into 3 parts: BACK, ALUMINUM FRAME, FACE. 

BACK: The Back is made from 2mm or 3mm aluminum composite material sheet to enforce the aluminum frame joints and make the final product more robust.

ALUMINUM FRAME:  There are different frame models available according to the style and size of the sign. The Aluminum frames act are joints between the Back and the Face, it creates also the necessary depth for the light to be nicely balanced on the Face surface.

FACE: The Face is made either from acrylic sheet or fabric textile and they act as medium for embedding the desired information.



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