Lifesaving Time Management Tips

Time is valuable, time is gold! Are you usually punctual or late? Do you finish things within the time you stipulate? Do you hand in your work on time? Are you able to accomplish what you want to do before deadlines? Are you a good time manager? If not, we are here to provide you with all the tips we have, in order to help you manage your time perfectly!

  • Create a Daily Plan even for Work

Plan your day when you wake up or when you arrive at work. You can do it even at night before you sleep. The plan gives you a good overview of how the day will pan out. That way, you don’t get caught off guard. Your job for the day is to stick to the plan as best as possible.

  • Calendars are life-savers

The most fundamental tool for managing your daily activities. Outlook’s mail calendar or any program can help, by sending notifications to remind you of appointments, pending tasks etc.

  • Saying “NO” sometimes is good

Don’t take on more than you can handle. It disrupts your flow and most of the time you can forget what you were doing. You can accept but for a later period.

  • Reminders are IMPORTANT!

Most calendars have a reminder function like Outlook we mentioned. If you have an important meeting to attend, set that alarm 15 minutes before.

  • Block out distractions

Phone messages, notifications and calls that are not related for work can be very distracting. Switch off your phone or put it on mute so, you can focus on the task you are doing without losing your flow.

  • Prioritize tasks

Since you can’t do everything, learn to prioritize the important and let go of the rest.