How COLOURS affect Consumer Behaviour

Marketers are already aware that different colours have different psychological impact on consumers. Many times, we have been attracted to a certain product by its colour, in order to make certain buying decision. The impact of these influences are subtle, but effective and worth to implement.


Yellow is optimistic and shows youthfulness. It is used to often used to grab attention of consumer when they usually go for window shopping.


Red shows energy and it increases heart rate. It creates urgency and sometimes anger if it used too much. You can see red mostly in sales and during Christmas periods.


Blue creates the sensation of trust and security amongst consumers. You can see blue mostly in insurance companies or banks.


Green is associated with wealth and money. It is the easiest colour that the eye can process. It is used to relax in stories or books.


Orange creates aggressiveness. It’s used to create a call to action in certain advertisements. Usually for the cause of subscribing, buying or selling.


Pink is romantic and feminine. It is used to market products to women and young girls. For example, cosmetics, jewelry or even health products.


Black creates a powerful and a sleek feeling. It is used to market luxury products. May be again cosmetics, cars, chocolates etc.


Purple is s soothing and a calming colour. It is often seen in beauty or anti-aging products. Usually body creams etc.

Combinations of Colours

Black and Gold: An example of black and gold is Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It fuses gold and black to create the feeling of prestige. Black is the base around the wrapping and gold is used to wrap the chocolate inside and when you open it, you feel you are opening something good and luxurious.

Red and White: These two colours show a balance between aggressiveness, passion or purity. Lacta chocolate uses white and red to show the passion and the pure flavor and feeling to attract a customer.

Blue and Orange: Two colours that are pure opposite of each other. Orange shows aggressiveness and blue trust and safety. Using them together you want to emphasize in something important and creating a call to action but at the same time showing trust. An example of these can be seen by charities, banks or insurance companies.