Flat Substrate Signs

Flat substrate signs can serve many different purposes and are among the most economical signage product solutions. They are a very good choice for signs with large surface areas and where there’s no need to advertise during the night. They are also commonly used for directional, informative and promotional purposes depending on the needs of use. In addition, these products can take advantage of many application techniques like mounted on walls, erected from the ground or even hanged from ceilings. Last, the wide range of materials available give this product the flexibility to be used in interior or exterior environments and choose between short-term or long-term life expectancy.

Flat Substrate Signs have a solid flat surface area which can be made from different materials. On top of the flat surface is applied a wide format printing vinyl or cut-out vinyl letters and depending on the size of the product, it may require a steel frame for support on the back side or not.



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