Engraved Signs

Engraved Signs are beautiful pieces of art with artistic character that fit in any environment, in the house, garden, office and anywhere else imaginable. Engraved signs can be given as special presents, are ideal for trophy plaques, awards, memorial plaques, name plates and many more ideas. There are plenty of materials which can be used for engraved signs, some materials are eligible for Laser engraving, some are eligible for Router engraving and some can be engraved by both processes.

Laser engraving marks the surface of the material with a hot beam light to form the final artwork, this method has great results with small sized signs, photo engrave, high contrast designs and is well preferred on wooden materials for its characteristic “burned effect”.

Router engraving uses router bits that penetrate into the material to remove the unwanted parts in order to form the final design. This method is perfect for engraved signs with stunning 3D effects, it is also very popular for negative 3D letters and symbols for creating name plates, hotel room numbers and more.

EXTERIOR (depending on the material)



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