Digital Printing

A wide range of convenient solutions for the graphics world

The wide format of digital printing

This is an ever expanding print technology used to produce graphics and signs for a multitude of different uses. New media, methods and applications are developing all the time. In this hectic marketplace, how do you make the right choice? You call us!

We provide digital print solutions for both indoor & outdoor applications. There are literally hundreds of different media types available to suit any application.
We will always advise you on the best method to produce what you need.

Our state of the art printers enables us to provide specialized, advanced digital printing quickly and affordably. With digital printing, companies can have high quality, full color process printing in smaller quantities for a friction of the time and cost required for conventional printing, because digital printing eliminates the aggravation associated with film, proofs and plates.
Atelie Demetriades digital printing offers a solution for every sign. Car printing capabilities can produce everything from small, short run decals to large format graphics. In fact, Atelie Demetriades can go as big as you want. Our format digital printing machines can print and laminate virtually any size. So from vehicle, window and floor graphics to banners and artist materials, high quality digital graphics can be used for nearly any application.
Visit Atelie Demetriades today and speak with a digital printing expert to learn more about high quality, full color process, digital printing and how it can help make your next project a success.

Below is a list of the main digital printing media.