CNC Services

Projects done precisely

What is CNC

CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. This means that a computer will read and identify graphs from designs that are produced by Computer Aided Design software (CAD) and assign numbers to them. The numbers will determine the coordinates of the path that will control the movement of the machine.

Atelie Demetriades offers a wide range of CNC services solutions for any projects undertaken. State-of-the-Art CNC machines such as, Router CNC, Laser CNC, Knife CNC, Channel Bender CNC, give endless production possibilities for any kind of project to come to life. Qualified CNC operators will handle your projects from setup to operation, provide consultation, run tests, inspect and manufacture your goods. Either you are a professional or just love to create out of hobby, our operators will help you become a pro at what you do because we would love to see you excel at your work.

Router Cutting & Engraving CNC

Laser Cutting & Photo Engraving CNC

Knife straight cut & V cut CNC

Channel Bender CNC

Engrave and cut your ideas in our state of the art devices.

With our family of CNC machines we are capable of cutting and engraving many different types of materials including “plastics, PVC, aluminum, copper, bronze, woods, leather and more”. In addition, the different types of machine functionalities and tools available offer cutting and engraving solutions to any kind of project undertaken. With endless possibilities, your project; simple or complex one, will come to life with us. CNC product solutions:


V shape engravings and ACM Paneling

Interior Designers



Manufacturing Industry

3 dimensional objects

Product Developers

Prototype Products & Molds