Our Customers

A sign company since 1960 with an endless list of thousands of customers and projects processed.

From small shop owners to huge Co-operations, you all contributed to establishing Atelie A. Demetriades as a leading name in the sign manufacturing industry. We are here to serve your sign needs with endless knowledge and state of the art equipment in time, always with strict quality processes and design excellence.

Public Works, the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, CYTA, automobile dealers, Banks, petrol  companies, Marks and Spencer, OPAP, Hypermarkets and thousands of small shop owner entrusted their brand names to Atelie A. Demetriades Ltd.

Our promise is to serve you always with honestly and knowing that you made us, who we are, the leading sign company in Cyprus.

Atelie A. Demetriades Ltd,  the oldest Sign Company in Cyprus, has customers in every business and industry field.

We have made signs for:

  • Architects / Designers
  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Public & Private Enterprises
  • Airports
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotel & Conference
  • Leisure / Entertainment
  • Public & Private Companies & Institutions