Aluminum Composite Backlit Sign Cabinets

Aluminum Composite Backlit Sign Cabinets are excellent choice when you need an elegant and beautiful illuminated sign during the day and night. These multi layered products concentrate the emphasis on your company’s name and logo along with any other information used, such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. Due to the combination of various materials used, the content on these products are extruded outside the surface area and create a more 3D realistic look during the day. During the night only the content is illuminated, creating a more sophisticated impression to the viewer.

Aluminum Composite Backlit Sign Cabinets are durable products in exterior environments. The size of these products are customized based on customer needs. The aluminum composite material is available in many standard color codes offering flexibility in design. These products are separated into 2 parts: BACK, FACE TRAY.

BACK: The Back is a robust structure made from galvanized steel tubes and aluminum composite substrate which supports the Face tray of the sign and is used for resting the LED modules.

FACE TRAY: The Face tray is made from 3mm or 4mm aluminum composite material, engraved and bended on each side to create the necessary depth for the light to be evenly transmitted on the surface. The letters and logos are trimmed off from the composite material and the gaps are fitted with translucent acrylic material to allow the light to pass through.




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