Acrylic Backlit Sign Cabinets

Acrylic Backlit Sign Cabinets are great choice when you need to advertise a lot of information during day and night. The whole face area of this product is illuminated, hence, any information illustrated on the face will be visible during day and night. Typically, these products are used to present company names, logos, telephone numbers, types of products or services, pictures and more.

Acrylic Backlit Sign Cabinets are durable products in exterior environments and cost effective. The size of these products are customized based on customer needs but, they are not ideal for very large surface areas. They are separated into 3 parts: BACK, ALUMINUM FRAME, FACE.

BACK: The Back is a robust structure made from galvanized steel tubes and aluminum composite substrate which supports the Aluminum frames of the sign and is used for resting the LED modules.

ALUMINUM FRAMES: There different frame models available according to the style and size of the sign. The Aluminum frames act are joints between the Back and the Face, it creates also the necessary depth for the light to be nicely balanced on the Face surface.

FACE: The Face is made from 3mm or 4mm translucent acrylic sheet and acts as a medium for embedding the desired information.



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