3D Letters

3D letters are among the most popular signage products because due to their 3rd dimension the letters and logos come to life and impress the viewers. 3D letters can be processed from different complex materials, each of them with their own special characteristics and style effects. These products can vary in thickness based on the process methods and chosen material. As a rule of thumb, narrow letter fonts are more readable and look better when their thickness is not very big. On the contrary, heavy letter fonts look better and more outstanding when their thickness is big enough. Nevertheless, rules do have exceptions and don’t necessary apply in all occasions, personal tastes differ too, but the most important factor is for the product has to blend in its environment and serve its purpose.

3D letters are commonly used at shop facades with street view or pedestrian pathways, they are also widely used in indoor areas for reception logos. Most of the materials can be painted at any choice of color and most metals are chosen solely for their beautiful effect style. The most common materials used for 3D letters are: steel, stainless steel, copper, PVC, acrylic, wood and aluminum composite material.



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