3D Channel Letters

3D Channel Letters are very popular products because they can impress easily the viewers during day and night. Due to the complicated fabrication techniques and the combination of various materials these products tend to have an admired and elegant look which can significantly enhance a company’s image. They are commonly used at shop facades with street view or pedestrian pathways, they are also used in tower buildings to be seen from long distances and in some cases they are used in interior areas to energize the atmosphere.

3D Channel Letters can be designed and fabricated in various forms. For example, they can have an illuminated face or project the light back on the wall to create a halo effect or even both at the same time. They are usually separated into 3 parts: BACK, RETURN, FACE.

BACK: Back is used to support the letter and the LED modules. Is made either from PVC, Acrylic or Metal sheets.

RETURN: Return is used to extrude the letter and create the desired depth for balanced luminance and aesthetic reasons. Is made either from Metal sheets or Acrylic.

FACE: Face is the most visible part of the letter and in most cases is used as the illuminated part to be easily readable during the night. Is made from Acrylic but in cases where the light is projected back on the wall is made from non-translucent materials like metal sheets.




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